Shocking Sunflowers By Ron English x APPortfolio x Made By Monsters

Recharged and ready to go are the new editions of Shocking Sunflowers by Ron English! Powered by Made By Monsters x APPortfolio all you need to do is keep pouring popaganda every day, guaranteed to stay fresh. If you guys can cast your minds back to Ron English show where he showed the OG Sunflower sculptures at Art Fair Tokyo 2017 Now these Shocking Sunflowers are the vinyl versions with a Sponge Bob twist! Electrifying!

材料:Mixed media,steel reinforced, vinyl,metal

尺寸:42 x 26 x 21cm
颜色:230只“粉红色特别版”,70只 “黑色特别版” ,共计300只

9月1日,YO’HOOD 2017,APPTORfolio展位(IG:apportfolio)
地址:上海市浦东新区古德路1099号上海世博会展位C04 – APPortfolio展位
9月2日,深圳市龙华新区观澜湖觀 Urban Croxx(IG:urbancroxx)
Online:9月3日,10:00 pm – noon  Eastern Time(IG:apportfolio)